Meet Liliana Barbosa And their classes Recycled Eco-Art

"Engineer by profession and an artist from heart," defines itself this girl from Bogota, based in Calgary, Canada. Since childhood, in her spare time taking art classes, painting sculpture and crafts, ushering in an artistic process where recycling is a vital part of it.

The recycling is to recover material or wasted product for re-use and transform it into a new object. Liliana Barbosa offers a fun and hopeful alternative for a problem affecting our planet through the development of all kinds of handicraft and art for decoration, using some of these residues as feedstock. Liliana aims to promote recycling as a means of transformation in art, social and the ecological. "The love of God and nature have been my inspiration in the works that I now create with recycled materials," says Liliana.

Usually people discarded bottles, cans, newspaper, cardboard, and paraffin wax residue without realizing that these items are an excellent raw material for beautiful and original decorations at home or your office, or why not a gift for a friend, family or just using a little imagination

But Liliana does not content with making art and give an example in recycling, also she spreads the idea through workshops and eco-art classes for youth and adults recycled.

"The idea came about as a need to induce people to a more thoughtful consumption, increase respect for the environment and people living in it. So, I decided to create a school of eco art with the purpose of developing environmental awareness in my classes using recycled materials in all our projects”.

Among her pieces, we can find decorative candles, centerpieces, greeting cards, boxes of Curiosities, all made of recycled materials. You can contact them and Liliana for their eco-workshops:

Web Page: www.lilianasecorations.com

Facebook: Liliana's Ecorations